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Deyona Kirk, 
Leaders Growing Leaders Team
Leaders Growing Leaders is a company who’s on a mission for HOPE (helping other people excel) by growing individuals to be leaders with impact and influence in every area of life (faith, family, finances, health, career/business, relationships). Our overall vision is to be a catalyst for positive change that empowers others to excel to their highest potential.

Leaders Growing Leaders is owned and was founded by Trenda B. Hackett, a devoted wife to an amazing husband, mother to three amazing young men, proud grandmother of a granddaughter and a grandson, a servant leader, empowerment specialist, accountability partner, life coach, CPA, former IRS Agent, technical tax editor, public speaker, and Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with The John Maxwell Team with over 30 years experience in leadership, consulting, and coaching others to success. Trenda is the owner and founder of the WebCPA Virtual Tax Clinic, a tax and accounting consulting company that focuses on optimal tax health for individuals and businesses. She is also the visionary and an owner of Mornings in the Word, a company that help others excel, grow, and become better leaders in their faith. Trenda believes that "one is too small of a number to do anything GREAT".

​Deyona is passionate about family. She is an amazing mother to her two amazing sons and proud grandmother to five awesome grandsons. Deyona has a bachelor's degree in organizational behavior and is a certified non profit accountant. She is the founder and Executive Director of Divine Konnections, Inc, a non-profit organization that connects under-served populations with mentors that come alongside them to achieve their goals and help move them forward. Deyona is also the founder and owner of Deyona Kirk Enterprise, LLC, a consulting company that work with individuals to identify the purpose and calling on their life; and partner with non-profits, small businesses, and organizations to strengthen teams, provide support, and increase capacity. She is a co-founder and an owner of Mornings in the Word, a company that help others excel, grow, and become better leaders in their faith.

Deyona is a true advocate for others and has over 25 years experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, consulting, advocacy and coaching others to success.  She has worked in the affordable housing field for over 20 years and is extremely passionate about affordable housing and believes that everyone deserves it.  She is the author of her book, "Nothing Ever Wasted"where 30 years later she shares the stories of survival and overcoming and the lessons she learned becoming a mom at the age of 12

As a survivor of abuse, homelessness and teen pregnancy, Deyona knows the power and importance of having a winning circle and strong faith. She strives to help others build winning circles and strengthen their faith in God daily. 

Trenda Hackett