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Mornings in the Word "In His Name" Product Line
At Leaders Growing Leaders we Help Other People Excel (HOPE) in their FAITH!

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" (Romans 10:17 KJV)

In July 2018 we launched a daily bible study called "Mornings in the Word with Leaders Growing Leaders", where five women with a hunger and thirst after God spent 31 consecutive days at 5am each morning reading and studying the Word of God together book by book, chapter by chapter (two chapters per session) and one day a time.  What started as journey has become a lifestyle.  The hunger and thirst continues today with six women continuing the journey through the Word of God each morning Monday - Friday at 5:30am and growing in their faith and in wisdom, knowledge, understanding and revelation. Let us help you get setup and start your own Mornings in the Word!!

Throughout our lives God continues to show himself mighty and reveal his power especially when we call on "His Name".  We Believe God and know The Power of His Name!!  While studying the book of Psalms and praising the Name of the Lord and calling on the Name of the Lord and covering our ownselves and family in His Name as we have gone through different trials and tribulations, God revealed and birthed the "In His Name" product line which consists of prayer shawls/scarfs, baby blankets/throws, and handkerchiefs for men and boys!!  


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